This is my first Java applet! It calculates the distance and bearing out of two WW locators. I used only the tools described below.

Sorry but the applet requires a java aware browser.

Here is a short description of Java, as written in the preface of the language specification:

Copyright © 1996 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved

Java was originally called Oak, and designed for use in embedded consumer- electronic applications by James Gosling. After several years of experience with the language, and significant contributions by Ed Frank, Patrick Naughton, Jonathan Payne, and Chris Warth it was retargeted to the Internet, renamed Java, and substantially revised to be the language specified here. The final form of the language was defined by James Gosling, Bill Joy, Guy Steele, Richard Tuck, Frank Yellin, and Arthur van Hoff, with help from Graham Hamilton, Tim Lindholm and many other friends and colleagues.

Java is a general-purpose concurrent class-based object-oriented programming language, specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. Java allows application developers to write a program once and then be able to run it everywhere on the Internet.

.... and it is free!

Here is a short overview of what you need to get started:

First of all you need the "Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition". This development kit contains everything to make a Java program out of your source code. It has some tools which are usefull for developing and testing programs written in Java. The tools are designed to be used from command line. The SDK is available at SUN's Java homepage.

If you would like to have a comfortable IDE, you should try the NetBeans Developer 2.1, which is free for non-comerical use. IDE is available at NetBeans homepage.

Here are a few screenshots from the NetBeans IDE:

The Main Window:

The Explorer Window:

The Editor:

The Form Editor:

The Component Inspector: