Write Log V 10 

WriteLog is a very sophisticated contest logging program running under Windows. It has a lot of powerfull features which I can not discuss in detail on my homepage. You may have a look at the authors homepage here.

I just bought the full version (September 1999) after I tried  out an earlier version (V 7.36) for about one year. Version 7.36 is freeware. Because it is no longer available on the WriteLog homepage, I decided to upload it to the QSLnet server.

For downloading and installation procedure go to the end of this page.

Here are some screenshots of WriteLog Version 10:


This is the actual QSO entry screen of WriteLog

You can chose a port to connect your interface to do cw. It is also possible to decode cw, rtty, psk31 with a soundblaster. If you have a soundblaster you can also transmit rtty and psk31 or use wave files to call cq. You may even give a report using pre-recorded numbers and letters.

There is also a feature to connect to a packet cluster and you may interface to your transceiver for frequency control/readout. As I said already there are to many faetures to discuss them here.

Downloading and installation of WriteLog V 7.36

At first you have to download to zipped files with a total size of about 2 MByte.

And if you like there is also a manual (Word format) to get started (about 100 kByte).
  After you downloaded the zip files you may either extract them to two disks or extract them into the same directory on your harddisk. Then run setup.exe from the first disk or from the harddisk directory. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Now run the program Writelog.exe and exit the program again. Now there a writelog.ini file in your windows directory.
Open this file and add the following lines:

                            CALLPREFIX=DL1          { e.g. DL1 for DL1AA, here goes the prefix of your call }

Now save the file and you are ready to use WriteLog.
The above entry is needed so that WriteLog knows in which zone and country you are to calculate the score for the different contests correct.

Have fun!