SWISSLOG for Windows

Here is a short description of the log program I am using. It is called SWISSLOG for Windows by HB9BJS, Walter Baur, Kanalweg 14, CH-8800 Walenstadt. It runs under Windows and has a lot of features. There is also a DOS version available. You can download a fully functional demo version at the Swisslog. download site.
Here you see the normal input screen of SWISSLOG.

This is the "previous QSO"- Window.

There are a lot of pre-defined statistic reports and you can easily create your own statistics with the report generator. Here are a few examples:

This is an example for a self-made statistic report. It shows a listing of worked DIG members.

You get also a summary page for each statistic. Of course it is also possible to send a report to the printer.

With te report generator you can also design your own printing frame for your QSL cards.

SWISSLOG has also a link to the CD-ROM callbook and a DX cluster packet interface. It is not possible to show all feature of this program on my homepage. Just download the demo version an try it yourself!

Last update: 11/14/1998

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