There is another interesting mode you can work with if you have a computer equiped with a souncard. The mode called HELL was invented in 1929 by a german Dr. Rudolph Hell. It is something between CW, RTTY and FAX. If you want a detailed description of how it works I suggest you go to the website of ZL1BPU (Murray) or IZ8BLY(Nino). At Nino's page you can also download a super program called Hellschreiber (Freeware!).
The program works together with a soundcard and you can start directly after installation having QSO's if you already wired your soundcard/ transceiver for another mode with your soundcard (e.g. RTTY or PSK31).
Below you can see a screenshot of the program with a few lines of text as printed during my very first Hell QSO. I must admit, that I went to fast and called the first station I heard, not knowing what to do, after he came back to my call and gave me the keys. I was looking for a "transmit" button to start my transmission and could not find one. I did the first call with one of the function keys. After some 30 seconds or so I realized, that I only had to start typing to start the transmission. Then everything went fine.
If you should have problems to download the program from Nino's site you may download it from here (Version 3.1, Feb. 2000 (~757k). Today this is the latest release, but in the future you should always try to get the program directly from Nino's homepage, because I will not update the files on my server.

From time to time there are activity days for Hell. For more info look here.

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