ClusterMaster by I0JX

Here is a short description of the cluster program I am using. It is called ClusterMaster and written by I0JX0 , Antonio 'Tony' Vernucci. It runs under Windows 3.1 or Windows95 and has a lot of features. The program is freeware and can be downloaded from the homepage of I0JX. ( Go, get it! ).
Here is a list of the program features and some screen shots.
- Voice announcement of DX spots
- Rotor control via RS-232 Interface
- RX/TX frequency control via RS-232 Interface
- DXCC statistics
- Text search in stored DX bulletins
- RAC (Callbook CD) look-up
- Excellent documentation on file
- Tested with TNC2, AEA PK88, PK96, PK232, DSP2232 and Kantronics KAM
Here you see the normal input screen of ClusterMaster.

This is the Find and Point screen.

This is the DXCC status table.

Finally the Data Browser for stored DX Bulletins.

Last update: 09/19/1997

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