ARS Interface by EA4TX

In April 1999 I bought a PC-Interface for my HAM IV rotor. Now I am able to control the rotor for my beam by computer. That is a big advantage if you think that it takes quite some time to turn the beam for 120 degrees or more. You have to press all the time the "Brake release" and one of the direction levers. You also have to watch the scale to make sure that the direction you want is reached. All that work can be done by your computer. There is also the possibility to link the ARSWIN program (which you get togther with the Interface) to your own program via DDE. ClusterMaster provides a build-in link to the ARSWIN program. If you see a DX-spot you want to work just double click it and push the "Point" button in the pop-up window and the beam swings to the desired DX-position. The following pictures show how I mounted the RCI-Board into my HAM-IV rotor controller.
I mounted the RCI-Board in the bottom part of the controller, just behind the brake and direction levers.
To save the extra cables for the external power supply I also implemented a AC/DC converter (not shown) in the upper part of the controller. 
On the rear side of the controller I cut a rectangular piece of metal out of the controller case to get an access to the LPT connector of the RCI-Board.
I also replaced the LEDs on the RCI-Board by four LEDs mounted on the front panel of the controller.
This is a screen shot of Pablos (EA4TX) ARSWIN program with which you are able to control your rotor.
 To get further information and to download the ARSWIN program go to EA4TX homepage

DF1ZN, April  1999